Gödöllő tour

If you would like to go back in time a little, then let`s go to Gödöllö! The Godollo Castle, was the summer house of the much-loved queen of the Hungarians, Elizabeth of Bavaria who was more known as Sissi.

Sit back and relax on this leisurely four-hour excursion to the stately mansion of Godollo Castle. You’ll take a tour of the castle, enjoy a walk around the park-like grounds and it´s worth to stop for some coffee and cake at the Palace Cafe.

The castle which is a fantastic example of Central European Baroque architecture, was the 18th century central estate of the Grassalkovich counts. Later on, the ownership of the estate was transferred to the Habsburg kings in 1867. Between the two world wars the Palace fell into decay, later it was renovated.

When you finished your guided tour of the castle, you can take a stroll through the grounds to the Royal Stables and equestrian Riding School, or why not take a break and enjoy coffee and cake at the Palace Cafe. If you are lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse of a traditional Hungarian wedding.